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The MAST Mission Statement

Madison Area Science and Technology (MAST) is a non-profit amateur science organization whose mission is to support scientific research without regard to credentials, to support a scientifically informed public, to perform tasks of a scientific nature on behalf of the public interest, and to reduce the burden of government.

Site News

25 January: Added several sections to Gravitational Theory. Consolidated sections of How to be a Great Amateur Theoretical Physicist.

5 Deceomber 2014: Added order relations to basic mathematics under How to Be a Great Amateur Theoretical Physicist. And fixed the problem with numbered elements.

3 December 2014: Numerous Updates for How to be a Great Amateur Theoretical Physicist

13 November 2014: Uploaded my conference talk: "General Relativistic Calculations in Mathematica." In Tensors and General Relativity in Mathematica. Also added The MAST Course in General Relativity.

11 November 2014: Added the New Winter School in Computational Science and modified and added to How to be a Great Amateur Theoretical Physicist.

29 April 2014: Added a new errata for The Theoretical Minimum.

16 March 2014: Corrected some errors in solutions to exercises for the Theoretical Minimum.

17 February 2014: Uploaded the MAST Writing Style 3 for Mathematica. It can be reached from several pages. Updated the Mathematica consultng page to include this. Added the page for Grassmannians.

2 February 2014: Added some refinements and new material for University Physics with Modern Physics

13 December 2013: Announcing the MAST Winter School in Computation

2 December 2013 Added new solution for The Theoretical Minimum.

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