Tornado Spotter Training Course

This course is offered to develop a highly trained corps of spotters with a standardized set of skills.

In order to become certified you must be registered with an instructor. Send email to one of the instructors listed below.

Outline of the Course

These are the links to the individual lessons (I recommend the use of the pdf versions):

Lesson 1: Introduction and Why Spotters are Important (pdf)

Lesson 2: Introduction to Severe Weather Phenomena (pdf)

Lesson 3: What Conditions Produce an Alert? (pdf)

Lesson 4: The Thunderstorm (pdf)

Lesson 5: Severe Precipitation (pdf)

Lesson 6: Severe Winds (pdf)

Lesson 7: Tornadoes (pdf)

Lesson 8: Individual Spotter Skills (pdf)

Lesson 9: Working as Part of a Group (pdf)

Lesson 10: Base Operations (pdf)


George Hrabovsky

Rocky Wenz

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