Welcome to the Tornado Spotter Network


The mission of the Tornado Spotter Network (TSN) is to provide the National Weather Service the necessary information to issue accurate and timely severe weather warnings for south-central Wisconsin.


TSN began in 1995 with only a half-dozen members. Since that time we have responded to every severe weather event effecting the south-central Wisconsin area. From December 2002 until February 2004 TSN was inactive.

Current Status

We will be conducting base operations, mobile spotting, and training.


We offer both basic and advanced spotter training to other organizations on a request basis. If you are interested in such training you can contact us via email. There is an excellent on-line spotter training slide series available here.

The Future

We hope to raise funds to develop a facility for training and operations.

Spotter Training Course and Discussion Forum

I am opening a spotter training page where I will post lessons. Follow this link to get to the training page.

Other Links

Here are some useful links for severe weather information:

Chuck Doswell's article on what tornadoes are.

A reasonably good FAQ about tornadoes.

The National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL).

Short Radar Interpretation Course.

Radar Slide Course.

A Guidebook on Microbursts.

Very Nice Weather Site from UCAR.

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