Listing of Published Writings by Members

This is a list of works by members that have been published outside of MAST.

George E. Hrabovsky

The Theoretical Minimum

This book, co-written with famed theorist Leonard Susskind, describes classical mechanics for the dedicated amateur physicist.

Diffusion Modeling: Programming in Multiple Paradigms

This article describes how to model diffusion using NDSolve, and then compares that to constructing your own methods using procedural, functional, rule-based, and modular programming. While based on the diffusion equation, these techniques can be applied to any partial differential equation.

Christopher J. Winfield

Asymptotic Methods of ODEs: Exploring Singularities of the Second Kind

We develop symbolic methods of asymptotic approximations for solutions of linear ordinary differential equations and use to them stabilize numerical calculations. Our method follows classical analysis for first-order systems and higher-order scalar equations where growth behavior is expressed in terms of elementary functions. We then recast our equations in mollified form - thereby obtaining stability.

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