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Notes from the Editor

17 March, 2009

In bringing you this newsletter filled with intersting columns, pictures and all around science information, it is my hope that everyone will find it thought provoking and inspire them to do science.  Madison Area Science and Technology (MAST) is all about learning and doing science and helping the community and others.  This and future installments will contain a broad range of topics that appeal to our members and have inspired them to share.  Please feel free to question and comment.  Science is an amazingly exciting and expansive field.  Hopefully we will inspire you to look deeper and explore more. 
Dianna Hrabovsky

Notes from MAST Members

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News Items

MASTer's Notes Goes Online, 16 March 2009.

Feature Articles

10 April 2009, The Role of the Amateur Scientist, by George E. Hrabovsky (this is a rewrite of the same article published in The Amateur Scientists' Bulletin issue from 21 December 2001).

Book Reviews

Review of "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments."

Review of "Illustrated Guide to Home Chemistry Experiments."

Educational Reports

Hahn-Banach Theorem explorer by Chris Winfield. This require either Mathematica 8 or later, or the free Mathematica CDF Viewer, though the viewer cannot run the programs, (you can find that here).

Review Papers

Research Reports

Interpreting the Oppenheimer-Volkoff Equations and the Equations of State for Neutron Stars, by George E. Hrabovsky and James Firmiss

Research Papers

Time series analysis of dinosaur extinction.


Theoretical, Mathematical, and Computational Physics

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