University Physics with Modern Physics

This page is my attempt to create an alternative to $250 physics books for universities.

This book will exist as a collection of pdf files and Mathematica-based cdf files. These can be downloaded for free.

There will also be the ability to (once significant numbers of chapters are done) to produce customized textbooks that can be tailored to a specific course. Should an instructor want this, send an email to with the subject line University Physics Text Request. Your book, along with a table of contents and an index will be up on the Lulu store for MAST within a week for download, hardcover, softcover, and spiral binding.

cdf files require either Mathematica (8+) or the free Mathematica Player, found here.

Chapter One: Introduction to Physics

  1. Introduction to physics: pdf, cdf
  2. An example of thinking about physics. pdf, cdf
  3. Physical phenomena. pdf, cdf
  4. Physical laws. pdf, cdf
  5. Physical theories and the program of theoretical physics. pdf, cdf
  6. Verification and searching for facts—experimentation. pdf, cdf
  7. The beginnings of physics.pdf, cdf
  8. Classical physics.pdf, cdf
  9. All is not well with the classical world. pdf, cdf
  10. Einstein's relativity. pdf, cdf
  11. The development of quantum mechanics. pdf, cdf
  12. Phyics in the second half of the 20th century.
  13. Contemporary physics.
  14. The community of physics.

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