Elementary Mathematical Methods for Science

This course will form the core of topics you will need to be able to do basic scientific work.

Requires either Mathematica 8 or later, or the free Mathematica CDF Viewer, though the viewer cannot run the programs, (you can find that here)

Syllabus of the Course

The conduct of the course will be like this:
1) Written material will be added each week.
2) Every Saturday at 8PM Central Time there will be a live session via Skype and TeamViewer. This session is very important. Do not ignore this. If you need to get a microphone for your computer, do so. Download Skype, it's free! So is TeamViewer 8.
3) Throughout the week discussions will be held at The Mind of a Theorist - The Blog. These are also important. I can only gauge how you are doing by examining your "homework". The discussions will be where you express issues you are having. It also gives those who understand the material a chance to test out their understanding by explaining things to others.
I have several people who emailed me that they are signing up for the course. Anyone else who is interested, you have until this next Friday to sign up and read what I have put up already.

I will likely be setting up a dropbox site for the course for exchanging homework, more details on this later. I will accept homework in the form of pdf files or cdf files. DOC or DOCX files will need to be converted to pdfs.

If you are interested you can sign up by sending an email to george@madscitech.org

Lesson 1: The Number System and Equations. This is now complete as of 11 March 2013, I added new material on functions and ended the lesson with the central problem of mathematics.

Lesson 2: Geometry

Lesson 3: Problem-Solving Strategies, Dimensional Analysis, and Estimation

Lesson 4: Trigonometry

Lesson 5: Number Theory

Lesson 6: Polynomials and Equations

Lesson 7: Analytic Geometry

Lesson 8: Limits and Differential Calculus

Lesson 9: Integral Calculus and Hyperbolic Functions

Lesson 10: Infinite Series

Lesson 11: Linear Algebra

Lesson 12: Many-Variable Calculus

Lesson 13: Complex Functions

Lesson 14: Combinatorics

Lesson 15: Probability and Statistics

Lesson 16: Differential Equations

Lesson 17: Modeling

Lesson 18: Fourier Series and Transform Methods

Lesson 19: Vector Calculus

Lesson 20: Elementary Differential Geometry

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