Computer Science Learning Projects (CS)

Certificate Programs

We have the following certificate programs under Computer Science:

Computer Science Practitioner Certificate (CSPC)

Must already have a SPC.

CS 1 + CS 2 + 2 electrives + 2 research projects.

Suggested Electives: ARCH 1 Introduction to Archaeology, ASTR 1 Introduction to Astronomy, ATMS 1 Introduction to Atmospheric Science, BIMS 1 Introduction to Biomedical Science, BOT 1 Introduction to Botany, CMB 1 Introduction to Cell and Molecular Biology, CHEM 1 Chemistry, ECT 1 Introduction to Electronics, ESCI 1 Introduction to Engineering Science, ENVS 1 Introduction to Environmental Science, FRS 1 Introduction to Forensic Science, GEO 1 Introduction to Geology, HYDR 1 Introduction to Hydrology, MATH 1 Mathematics, MATH 2 Methods of Mathematics, MATS 1 Introduction to Materials Science, MICR 1 Introduction to Microbiology, MILS 1 Introduction to Military Science, OCN 1 Introduction to Oceanography, PHYS 1 Physics, ZOO 1 Introduction to Zoology.

Learning Projects

CS 1: Computer Science

Lesson 1: Logic and digital circuits. Lesson 2: Computer architecture. Lesson 3: Computer peripherals. Lesson 4: Algorithms. Lesson 5: Data structures. Lesson 6: Theory of computer science. Lesson 7: File management. Lesson 8: Device management. Lesson 9: Computer networks. Lesson 10: Computer security.

CHEM 2: Basic Methods of Computer Science

Lesson 1: The laboratory. Lesson 2: Laboratory techniques. Lesson 3: Software engineering. Lesson 4: Programming. Lesson 5: Debugging. Lesson 6: Documentation. Lesson 7: Data acquisition. Lesson 8: Data analysis. Lesson 9: Error analysis. Lesson 10: Computer modeling.

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